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Introduction from the Bishop

Giovanni Portelli Photography © 2022DIAGRAM SCECEC Communities 200323 FOR WEBSITESandhurst Catholic Early Childhood Education and Care Ltd (SCECE&C Ltd) was established in 2021 to take responsibility for the Diocese’s existing Catholic early childhood education and care centres, and to expand this service by establishing new centres. In partnership with families, parishes and the whole Catholic community, the fundamental goal of these settings is to create high quality environments where each child and family is respected and welcomed as part of God’s family, and accompanied and supported on their journey of holistic development.

This new strategic plan for SCECE&C Ltd sets out directions and priorities for the next five years, which will guide the way in which our Catholic early childhood settings help each child to grow and develop in these critical years prior to formal schooling. The plan also sets out strategies for ensuring that Catholic early childhood education and care is accessible broadly across the Diocese, and that it is inclusive of children and families who are disadvantaged, vulnerable or marginalised.

SCECEC Ltd is committed to building partnerships that pursue excellence, promote and enhance high-quality learning environments, and expand the availability of these services more broadly across the diocese. I am confident that the 2023–2027 SCECE&C Ltd Strategic Plan provides a solid foundation for this important part of the Church’s mission in the Sandhurst Diocese.

Bishop Shane Mckinlay
Bishop of Sandhurst

Introduction from the CES Ltd Board Chair

DESMOND Paul RYCatholic education within the Sandhurst diocese is part of a rich tradition of education across Australia. Early Childhood education is a crucial part of the life, spirit and culture of the Church in this Diocese.                       
The mission of Catholic education is to provide excellence in learning and teaching. Our Early Childhood services function to assist parents and carers in forming children in their faith, equipping them with the tools to be successful in life and to ensure each and every child knows they are valued. Every Sandhurst Catholic Early Childhood Education and Care service is actively committed to providing a distinctive and dynamic learning environment that allows children to develop a love of learning, one that has Christ as its foundation.

This Strategic Plan aims to keep the children at the heart of our efforts. The Strategic Plan is designed to provide directions, priorities and goals that will assist in carrying out the mission of Catholic education. Our efforts are focused on five key areas:

- To be an authentic Catholic community
- To embed best teaching practice
- To focus always upon the other in a culture of care
- To be responsible stewards
- To nuture a healthy, safe learning environment

Outlined in the Strategic Plan are various opportunities for growth and improvement These opportunities have been identified through many months of engagement with stakeholders and reflect our ongoing commitment to seek improvement at every level.

The SCECE&C Ltd Strategic Plan (2023-2027) will engender clear guidelines into the future, a future in which Sandhurst Catholic Early Childhood education and care can respond to its mission by offering a particular cultural experience that is grounded in “…a Christian view of the world, of life, of culture and of history”.

Mrs Patricia Cowling
Chair - Catholic Education Sandhurst Limited Board (CES Ltd Board)

Our Vision

To create high quality environments, where each child and family is accompanied on their journey of development, supported by the pastoral ministry of our Church as embodied in our Sandhurst communities.

The authentically Catholic nature of Diocesan early childhood education and care, where young children will experience being part of God's family, combined with the awe - inspiring mystery and wonder of creation, will nurture and influence signficantly a holistic approach for the development of each child.

At the heart of this vision is our commitment to the ongoing duty of care that we have for the safety, wellbeing and inclusion of all children, a pursuit of excellence in learning and creating communities of welcome, hospitality and inclusion within the Catholic tradition. 


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Strategic Enablers

The key enabler in our service are the educators for it is what teachers know, do, and care about which is very powerful in the learning equation.2 The central role of the educator is recognised by the Church who acknowledges that "teachers and educators fulfil a specific vocation and share an equally specific participation in the mission of the Church."3

[2] Hattie, J. (2003) Teachers make a difference: What is the research evidence? Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)
[3] 1997. The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium [online] Available at: [Accessed 28/19/2022].§19

The learning environment ... confident and involved learners.
Child empowerment in voice and agency ... active participants in their own education.
Innovation and collaboration ... to develop creativity, imagination and the ability to take on responsibilities.
Partnership ... to initiate everyone into the art of accompaniment.
Growth strategy ... continually called upon to follow its unfolding in order to offer an educational service appropriate to the present times. 

Key Priority Areas

  pdf CLICK HERE (315 KB) for the SCECE&C Key Priority Areas 2023-24.

‘Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning’
- Fred Rogers

We acknowledge and pay respect to the original and ongoing custodians of the land upon which our kindergartens are situated.  We commit to actively working alongside First Nations people for healing, reconciliation and justice. The Catholic education faith community is inclusive and acknowledges that we are all made in the image and likeness of God and we are created in love. People of all faiths, genders, sexualities, abilities and cultures are therefore respected equally in the Sandhurst Catholic Early Childhood Education & Care community.  We acknowledge the pain and suffering of all who have been hurt in body, mind and spirit by those who have betrayed the trust placed in them. May we all stand tall, stand firm, grounded in truth, together as one. 

Assisi Kindergarten Strathfieldsaye

Located on the School grounds of St Francis of the Fields Primary School in Strathfieldsaye.

Director: Alison Knowles

46a Blucher Street


P: 03 5439 3833



St Mel’s Kindergarten Shepparton

Located on the School grounds of St Mel’s Primary School in Shepparton.

Director: Miriam Stewart

200 Archer Street


P: 03 5821 9982